Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Couple have Baby shock

Couple have Baby shock

I am completely indifferent over Mr and Mrs Windsor and the birth of their first son . I don’t know them and although I hope that as I would with any couple that their son is healthy and will thrive, I do not join in the vomit inducing sycophancy from our media and politicians.

A Woman gives birth and its treated as a unique event  and there appears to be no other news on the BBC this morning including BBC Wales and Welsh Secretary David Jones has no right to claim that the “whole od Wales “ wished  them well on a joyous occasion” .  H e doesn’t speak for me and indifference absence of malice does not mean we are all tugging our forelocks .

But it does mean that when our MPs and AMs next swear the oath of allegiance their will be including this baby, as their will be swearing allegiance to this yet unnamed child as the oath is to “The current monarch and his/her heirs”.

Luckily giving the longevity of the Windsor’s I will probably not se this child’s coronation but I hope that  I will realise my hope  that he will never become “Prince of Wales”

It may be that we will be forced to see his father inheriting the claim when his father ascends the English throne: But hopefully he will be the last pretender and by then Wales will be on its way to becoming an Independent Republic.

If the last few days have shown as anything it is the whole idea that someone is Royal and therefore superior in some ways to us through birth or marriage is absolutely contrary to the idea that we are all equal.

How can a Nation claim to be a democracy when it gives preference to people by reasons of birth and marriage and expect us to bow or curtsy to them and refer to them as your Royal whatnot?

It’s the 21st century for Gods sake and yet we treat the birth of this baby as if it is a wondrous event . I have a number of young Great- Nephews and Nieces all of who are special to me but  I don’t expect people outside the family to regard them as special.

The last days have shown that we really need to grow up and realise al men and women are equal and the idea that some are born with some divine quality that makes them “Royal” is an  outdated  and is plainly ridiculous


  1. Was it a boy or a girl?

  2. It was a parasite.