Monday, 8 July 2013

I may be offline for a while.

I’m afraid this Blog may have to takr a enforced break for a week or so, as my computer  modem has packed up and I need to replace it.

Since the computer I use is over 12 years Old and although I have enhanced it . I have decided that I should finally seek a newer version.

So it may be a while before these ranting appear and you will be spared of trying to make sense of my wenglish grammar and typo errors.

I will be relying on my local Library for a bit and may try to make some posting via their resources.or be in lick and find  my computer is not playing up.

It’s a pity that this has happened just as we are approaching the Ynys Mon byelection. But I hope to get things working properly before August Ist.

So I aim to be up and running before then.

Till then I will try my best to keep up an Blog


  1. Dod yn ol! Your bloggings are breath of fresh air in media and news starved Wales. Diloch yn fawr for your bloggings to date.

  2. I for one hope all goes well Glyn, I have (and continue to) enjoy your perspective from the great town of Beddau, hope you and PC get better!