Thursday, 14 February 2013

Time to stop being poor West Britons.

The Wasting Mule reports that Wages in Wales have sunk back to levels not seen since 2003 as a lack of pay increases mean they are no longer keeping pace with inflation.

It goes on to say:
The median hourly wage in Wales was £10.16 in 2012, the same – when adjusted for inflation – as in 2003, according to analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
The country has the second lowest median wage after Northern Ireland.
In real terms, wages in Wales peaked at £11.20 in 2009, but with wage growth less than inflation in recent years, purchasing power has shrunk.
Wales TUC general secretary, Martin Mansfield said: “Wages have been stagnating for around 10 years but within the grip of failing austerity, things are set to get a lot worse.
“The TUC recently calculated that a worker on a median salary of around £25,000 has already lost nearly £4,000 since December 2009.
“The Office for Budget Responsibility has forecast that median real full-time wages in 2017 will be at roughly 2000 levels which will have a devastating impact on the incomes of working people and the wider Welsh economy.
“With living standards falling and the threat of a triple dip recession, it is impossible to see how austerity is working.”

Western Mail 14th February 2013

With high unemployment particularly long term and with a trend towards involuntary underemployment continues (where someone who is employed part-time wants more hours or a full-time job),

The increase of part-time jobs which have grown. According to statistics, eight million people are working less than full-time hours – 27% of all those in employment in the UK. 

I have no figure's for Wales, but there's no reason to suspect they are are lower than the UK average.

Working on this Plaid 's Jonathan Edwards MP statement :
"We are not in a position to win independence until we have improved the Welsh economy."
Looks like a an impossible task . I agree that Plaid has a problem in that with their weak electoral standing it has to address the reality of their position of wales where it hasn't the support for Independence and must address the Welsh Economy as it is .

The policies of which may be different under those they would like under Independence.

But isn't it time theyy started arguing that only Independence will stop us being poor West Britons and will create the conditions necessary for a Welsh Economic revival?

Clearly under the policies coming from Westminster under Labour or Tory/LibDems in Westminster, or from a Welsh Assembly content to spend the pocket money it is given are not working.

No is the time to argue the unthinkable that we have no choice either to accept the Status Quo and remain West Britons for ever constantly behind in the wealth states or strike out on our own.

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