Saturday, 23 February 2013

Clutching at Straw Polls

For some reason the BBC have given prominence on the Text political pages to A mock referendum among students on Scottish independence has resulted in a large majority in favour of staying within the UK.

Students at the University of Glasgow were balloted using the same question as will be used in the referendum itself, due next year.

When asked "should Scotland be an independent country?", 62% (1614) voted no, while 38% (967) said yes.

Only 2,589 out of more than 23,000 students took part in the poll.

Now I can understand how the biased unionist media like the Scotsman and Herald making much of just over 10% of students voting. Some of who will not be living in Scotland when the referendum takes place.

But for the BBC to treat this as a major political story is ridiculous.

There's also a myth that students are more politically aware than the rest of the population but from my experience only a few can be bothered to partake in the Student Union activities out side entertainment at the Union Building and their own societies.

Politics comes way down in their interests alas  and those that do  are put off when they realise that many of the most vocal have decided that they are pursing a political career and see the Union as more useful for this  than academic achievement.

This was not an opinion pol and should not be treated as such and reflects that Unionist including the BBC are clutching at straws and using this mock referendum to show that there's no desire for independence. When it merely reflects the membership and strength of the political societies in Glasgow University.


maen_tramgwydd said...

The BBC has also stated recently, in response to claims of anti-independence, or pro-union, bias in its coverage, that since it is not officially in the run-up period to the referendum, that its coverage does not have to be 'balanced' until a period of approximately 6-7 weeks prior to the plebiscite.

It's a tax-funded mouthpiece of the state, an anti-democratic monstrosity.

It also consistently has a pro-Zionist/Israeli bias in its coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict, which it describes as 'balanced'.

The BBC coverage of news and current affairs should include a health warning. It is far from a trustworthy organisation.

Anonymous said...

No surprise, the BBC is part and parcel of the biased unionist media. They are also anti-Euro sceptic, anti-Israel, anti-Tory anti-climate scepticism, anti-anti immigration anti-serb and a lot of other antis which people on the left think are fine and dandy.

Trouble is when you pursue agendas then it becomes a habit. The agenda here is to save the Union and any bit of nonsense helps.

glynbeddau said...

I supose that since the above comments see the Beeb as either pro or anti Israel shows how hard it is to accuse it of bias. But on Scotland I think they are clearly in the Unionist camp.