Monday, 9 July 2012

Justice For The Chagossians Now

Thanks to councillor Dick Cole  leader of Mebyon Kernow  for bringing  mu attention to this petition
Calling for the e British Government to allow the return of the Chagos Islands to their original inhabitants.
As Dick writes....

The Chagos Islanders were forcibly evicted between 1967 and 1973 so that the British Government could lease the largest island, known as Diego Garcia, to the United States for the construction of one of the biggest military bases in the world.
The expulsion of this community has been condemned many times as one of the “most shameful episodes in British post-war history” and the consequences of their exile has been very severe. Many families continue to live in terrible poverty in the slums of Mauritius and many have lost loved ones, with suicides being particularly common.
The islanders have won a number of victories through the court system, but the last Labour Government refused to end the injustice. In 2004, Tony Blair even invoked a royal prerogative, which did not need the support of the House of Commons, in order to ban the islanders from ever returning to Diego Garcia and the surrounding islands. (read more on his Blog here).
There's no irony in the leader of  Cornwall National movement to bring out attention to this . Dick Cole is a progressive in the same manner of most Plaid and SNP MPs and it s a pity he has not yet joined them in the UK parliament. But at the moment. its hard for MK to gain ground in a Cornish Constituency  which are mainly LibDem/ Conservative marginals and the lead Parties spend a fortune fighting the seats

He fought .the St Austell and Newquay election gaining a respectable vote .

General Election 2010: St Austell and Newquay[5]
Liberal DemocratStephen Gilbert20,18942.7-4.5
ConservativeCaroline Righton18,87740.0+5.1
LabourLee Jameson3,3867.2-6.6
Mebyon KernowDick Cole2,0074.2+4.2
UKIPClive Medway1,7573.7-0.4
BNPJames Fitton1,0222.2+2.2
Liberal Democrat holdSwing-4.8

However when Dick Cole hefought the St Enoder county division for the New Unitary Cornish Council , achieving a 78 per cent of the vote, comfortably beating the Conservative and Lib Dem candidates into second and third places respectively.[

I wish him well in the future and thank him for bringing my attention to this petition for one of the most disgraceful acts of the UK and USA governments who keep telling us how they have Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq bringing Democracy  to the people there . When they have troops  in this small Island excluding its people from even living there.

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John Pilger has written extensively on this subject, you can read more on his blog.