Thursday, 3 March 2011

Time to take the stabalisers of the Bike.

Today the people of Wales can make a decision that will see the Assembly make laws in those regions where power has been dissolved to it.

To my mind to it this must result in a resounding Yes vote. I believe the arguments put forward by the supporters of True Wales, have not even reached  a level where they could be seriously debated against.

Indeed the only sensible questioning of the value of the new proposals came from the Jaxxlander team.

If you need to know what we can do with the new powers then consider the latest legislation past by the assembly (after Westminster agreed) requiring developers to fit a sprinkler system in all new homes. .Wales has become leaders in Europe on this

Ann Jones, Vale of Clwyd aAsembly member, introduced the legislation after winning a members’ ballot, but it took three years to pass, because it had to be approved by Westminster Politicians

It will be many years before the true life saving value of this will emerge and Ann Jones may not be around in the Assembly to receive the credit she deserves, but this shows that we can pass legislation  that leads the way not only on in the UK but in the World .

Although I accept the argument that rushed laws are bad laws 3 years to pass legislation almost the life of the Assembly is far too long.

Not for one moment do I believe that the Assembly will be perfect in it's Law making and I'm sure they wil pass laws tat I will oppose.

but this is what democracy is and It time we in wales behave like a democracy and began to take responsibility for our own actions.

So say YES today and lets take our country forward.


  1. They took the stabilisers off the bike before they can fully ride the thing

  2. Annonymous 20:43

    At some time the only way to find out if you can do it is to take the stabilisers's off.

    If you don't have the courage to do so you will be using them for the rest of your life and be a laughing stock.

    Scotland been doing without them from the start. Are we really that inferior?