Monday, 28 March 2011

Badgers: What Peter doesn't tell us.

I am somewhat in two minds on my stance to eradicate Bovine TB in West Wales . The scientific evidence put forward by both sides constantly shifts my views one way to another. Though I reluctantly have come to the conclusion it probably the best solution.

I nevertheless respect the views of opponents to the cull reconise thet have a strong argument and this includes Peter Black and  who has been a constant critic of the Badger Cull  . What I do not agree with him on however is attempt to make the issue one of party politics.

It is clear to me that he is open to accusations of political opportunism when he constantly refers to "Plaid Cymru Minister" Elin Jonesand that this could be seen is in order to prop up support for the Libdem candidate in the Ceredigion seat of Elin Jones the minister responsible for the measure. 

He doesn't seem to mention this measure has cross party support and fails to remind us that the ConLib government has similar plans for rural England 

For the record here is how AMs voted on his motion to annul the Badger Cull.

Peter fails to tell us in his blog that three of his party colleagues (out of five) voted against his motion to stop the Badger cull including his own leader Kirsty Williams . Mick Bates who is no longer a Libdem also voted No.
I have no doubt that if the Minister responsible for this measure was an AM for a seat which the Libdems had not targeted in the next Assembly Elections he would have been as strongly opposed as he is now. I just wonder whether he would more open on the extent of support for the Badger Cull in his own party
P.S. What is the extent of support amongst Libdems particularly candidates in West Wales where the cull is proposed.? Perhaps Peter can tell us 


  1. Peter is correct to characterise this as a Plaid policy aimed at their core Farmer vote.
    It was part of the One Wales agreement that Plaid would run with the Rural Affairs brief
    Most Labour AMs are against but follow the whip.
    Kirsty and Mick Bates are both farming families as is Elin Jones of course. Its worth remembering that The farmers Unions are a very powerful lobby groups And then we have the influence of the single minded CVO who told the Press she wanted Bovinetb on her tombstone!Suggest you also check out the civil rights and freedom of speech implications of this order. It has no time limit, forces entry onto private land and could prevent me saying "Save the Preseli Badger " in North Pembs but not outside.
    I think this may all end up in the courts but before then we have an election
    MJ Griffiths Ceredigion (no party)
    ps Most Ceredigion Candidates are Anti Cull

  2. I asked him that question on his blog last week. He claims that the Lib Dem candidate for Ceredigion told him that she didn't support the Assembly action re bTB. Is she saying this publicly though. He is stirring up a lot of **it in the N Pembs/S Ceredigion area.......mainly amongst English immigrants.

  3. 83% of all assembvly consultation docs on the cull were against the killing of badgers.
    most lib dems were against.
    Vegetarian enviro minister Jane davidson is a disappointment as she did not vote against the cull as she wanted to do. Party politics scuppering things. Bethan jenkins another one.
    Kirsty williams is no liberal believe me. She is more tory in outlook and attitude. True liberals are against the cull.

  4. People have just got to not vote politicians in who have farming interests. It leads to corruption over subsidies, compensation and an abuse of our natural heritage.

  5. The Chief Veterinary Officer of Wales has made an argument for the cull. End of Story.

  6. Anon 2 - "Kirsty williams is no liberal believe me."

    Er, except that she happens to be the leader of the Liberal Democrat Party in Wales.

  7. As the blog post is saying, despite the attempt by Lib Dem supporters to have it both ways (as usual), all the mainstream parties in Wales are supporting the cull. The only way to vote against the cull in the Assembly elections is to vote Green.

  8. ...and the only way to vote for a human cull for oil is to vote for any of the main Brit parties.....which presently (LOL!) includes the Lib Dems.

  9. Clearly from the comments here there re deep feelings over the Badger cull and I suppose if this was the main concern you had when voting you should seek out the candidates and find their views.

    But I would make sure that they aren't telling Mrs Jones next door exactly the opposite. Which is where my questioning of the LibDems in West Wales (and all the other parties as well) comes in.

    It seems however this a Apolitical issue and one of individual opinion amongst candidates however and no one should make a Party issue of this as Peter Black seems to be doing.Except for maybe the Greens and then only if they are 100% in agreement against the cull.

  10. The crux of the Badger Cull is that public opinion is generally against it.
    15,000 assembly e-petition
    83% of consultation respondents anti-cull

    Science clearly showes that the bacteria that is causing all the trouble btB can be seen in advanced slurry under a microscope.
    This slurry is spread onto farmland as fertiliser and both cow and badger ground feed and take in the bacteria.

    The Badger is the villain because it should not ground feed and take in this bacteria and somehow miraculously give it to cows.
    The cause is modern farming methods.
    I have cleaned out cow sheds , weeks and sometimes months of mess mixed with hay.

    The slurry tank or pit has a massive amount of microbiological activity. Responsible for salmonella, e-coli, anthrax, cryptosporidium, typhoid, polio and Bovine TB

  11. glynbeddau,

    This cull if over a pilot area. It will not totally destroy fluffy badgers in their entirety. Did you hear what Brian May said? That it's ridiculous to have dairy farms in a tb infected area. I live in this area. OK....let's close down all the dairy farms and the dairies like Saputo and Volac and even Glanbia and then the smaller family owned operations too like Caws Cenarth. Then shut down all the haulier operations realiant on this business such as Wincanton in Whitland and Felinfach and Mansel Davies in that the sensiblities of Mr May in his helicopter flying into west Wales aren't upset. Some bloke from Clapham who now lives in Ceredigion told me that if the cull goes ahead....'there will be hell to pay'. He is involved with Black. He got quite aggressive with me when we discussed the issue.

    PS This is my country. And I want it's wildlife to be passed down through the generations. However, we have sadly a problem which needs to be sorted out which will mean the culling of badgers in a pilot area.

  12. Well said Anon 22:31. It is completely consistent to support wildlife and still agree that this targeted cull should take place. Do we really need English celebrities flying in to give their opinions? I don't think so. Local communities should continue to campaign against the cull if that is their wish, but AMs had a chance to stop this and most of them decided it should go ahead. That's democracy. The Green party has a consistent record on this, so if people in Pembrokeshire are that concerned they should vote for them. Not for the Lib Dems, the majority of whose Assembly group voted for the cull.

    I would add that Pembrokeshire Against the Cull did themselves no favours in giving soft support for a "No" vote during the recent referendum. They missed a huge chance there to try and build support- a massive political error.

  13. I'm pretty sure the Welsh Lib Dems don't actually have a policy on the cull, hence the massive discrepancy on their opinions.

  14. The Welsh Lib dem's are free to take an individual attitude to policies. The badger cull is a good example.
    The rest of the parties seem like drones to their own party whips and pay no attention to public opinion.
    The lib dem way is superior.

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