Saturday, 12 March 2011

SIX: S instead of X.

In May 2011 the British Government will be asking people in  a referendum to vote whether they should replace the First Past the Post  system (FTP) in British General Elections  with the Alternative Vote AV.

Given that Nick Clegg described AV as a "miserable little compromise" of limited electoral reform as the price of propping up Labour in a hung parliament and now campaigns for it as part of propping up the Conservatives. We will have only one choice in this referendum this is not good enough.

What we need is a method of expressing our views,

I've started a  facebook page  to argue that people who support the Single Transferable Vote (STV) can make their preference by writing a S instead of a X in the Box provided
You can place a X in the Yes box if you want SYV but are willing to accept AV for now.

You can place a X in the NO Box if you want STV but do not want AV.

This should not mean your vote will not be counted as a spoilt vote as you will have clearly made a  preference.

If however significant numbers  do place an S then we may well have a case for these to be individually counted.

What ever happens in the referendum we will be stuck with either AV or FPTP possibly for a generation. If we are to have a Voice I urge you to back SIX.

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