Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Populist Ukip style group formed within Plaid.

It is clear to me  that Neil McEvoy has played Plaid like a Fish and if he wasn't
already was expelled from Plaid Cymru for 18 months - since reduced to 12 months - in March after being accused of breaching party rules, he would be disappointed

He now sits as an Independent in the Assembly, announced the launch of  new group within Plaid and announced the launch of Propel at an event in Cardiff on Monday evening.
The group, which is within Plaid Cymru

In a Trump like manner  MceEoy delights i n portraying himself as an outsider who is going to clean up the swamp.

In Trump case he has as Lisa Simpsom would  put  replaced the swamp with a cesspit.

 Propel claims that it  is based around the principles of individual, community and national sovereignty and has been set up, Mr McEvoy said, to attempt to take back power from the "UK elite". 

In a speech at the launch event, which was attended by around 100 people, the AM said: 

"It's simple - we are going to change politics."
The group will campaign for the rights of communities to have a say in decisions affecting their areas - such as major developments - with referendums held on issues such as Local Development Plans.
"Nobody is going to change Wales for us," Mr McEvoy said.
"We have to get together and do it for ourselves
"Our job is to expose, oppose and rip out the rotting beams of Welsh politics."
He added he was particularly keen to fight against "political correctness" and "virtue signalling", saying ideas are often repressed by people claiming to be offended.
"We are heading towards a Wales 1984 unless we fight and win the battle of ideas," he said.
"Nowadays being offended is a hobby."
He added: "We are going to change the direction of policy in Wales.
"We are going to propel Wales forward."

Maybe Mr McEvoy has been looking at the rise of Momentum within Labour  and even a Thesaurus.

Though McEvoy  uses the neither Left or Right adage to promote  his Populist agenda 

 Certainly ther was a  very good turnout for the launch

Campaigner Heledd Gwyndaf also spoke at Monday's meeting at the historic 

Coal Exchange, where she said fighting against perceptions of Wales was key.
"We are in a situation where our nation and our language is made fun of and ridiculed We are stupid, our language and our nation is without purpose," she said.
"Nobody wants this movement to have to exist, but we've been forced into existence, and that's because significant things worry us.
"It worries me when the national movement says we are not ready for independence. That's the language of colonists."
Activist Bethan Phillips, of Neath, also spoke at the meeting. 

Propel is open to members of Plaid Cymru or those who are not members of a political party, but members of other parties may not join. 

 The new group will also campaign on agendas like tackling corruption in Wales, reaching out to those who have been let down and left behind by the political establishment, a united Wales that does not pit people against each other based on their background and building a new economy by reindustrialising Wales for the 21st century.

Which is a platform that is understingly attractive

However I wonder how many of those attending the rally were aware of McEvoys hostility to  Women's groups?

Propel main planks seem to be
  • Individual Sovereignty: natural justice, due process and free speech must be at the heart of Welsh life. Individual rights will not be sacrificed in the name of groupthink, dogma and those who are easily offended.
  • Community Sovereignty: the rights of communities to influence decisions will be respected. Referenda on issues such as Local Development plans and planning will be respected. It will be up to communities to decide who represents them at every level of government. Decentralisation of decision making to community level will be fully encouraged.
  • National Sovereignty: Wales can stand on its own two feet and we have a duty and responsibility to govern our own country. We will push for a referendum for Welsh national sovereignty, with international recognition as soon as a majority in the Welsh Parliament is achieved.

The first part is chilling it puts Propel in the same bed as  the far right claiming that they are denied free speech  when they are prevented from venting their racist, homophobic and misogynist spleen.

 I wonder how many signing up to Propel realise this?

For McEvoy it gives him the power base within Plaid  and judging by the numbers a pretty good chance of getting renominated for Cardiff West and topping the South Wales Central regional list.

Is Propel ambitious move to change Wales or merley the ambition of one man.


  1. Wrong on this one Glyn

  2. As Bethan Sayed pointed out on the sharp end on monday night this is not an official grouping in plaid cymru (in fact it has nothing to do with plaid cymru). It's the brainchild of neil mcevoy pure and simple. So if people at the launch meeting want to support plaid the best way they can do that would be by joining plaid not joining a group which has no actual links with plaid cymru.

    Nobody would argue with things like consulting local communities more over decisions which affect them, and im sure nobody in plaid circles would argue against sovereignty for wales (indeed that's what plaid exists to bring about) but what on earth do they mean by 'challenging political correctness and virtue signalling'?

    Laws against things like racism, homophobia and sexism were brought in for very good reasons because women, gay people and ethnic minorities have been subject to years of discrimination - is propel proposing to repeal such equality laws in its assault on so called 'political correctness'? And does it propose to repeal hate speech laws because they might infringe on someone's 'free speech'? Of course what hate speech laws actually do is help to prosecute racists, homophobes and sexists. And it also worries me that neil mcevoy mentions 'virtue signalling' - it's a term created by the Alt Right ie hipster fascists in groups like generation identity to denigrate people concerned by prejudice and inequality.

    Also let's be absolutely clear there isnt any 'elite' in wales to take 'power back' from! Most members of the senedd went to comprehensive schools and are drawn from the same social and economic backgrounds as most other people in wales.

    A new party launched in wales in march by jac o the north struck a very similar tone to the language used by people like neil mcevoy at the launch pf propel so you have to ask why doesnt neil mcevoy and those who share his views join jac's new party?

    Propel? it's more like Repel im afraid.