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Glyn Davies MP should listen to Irish President and not welome US.

I remember when he was a Conservative  Assembly Member Glyn Davis's A view from Rural Wales was always worth reading.

I gained the impression then that he was an independent  minded politician who was  willing to throw off the Party's Thatcherite past and a move to the centre (wherever that is mind)and who embraced devolution wholeheartedly.

However now a MP after unexpediently winning  Montgomeryshire in 2010 he seems to have become a government apologist .

I mean who else but a Tory MP believes this

 Bearing in mind how difficult 2017 was for our Prime Minister, it’s amazing how confident and focussed she is. It was a genuinely Prime Ministerial performance on today’s media. Mrs Thatcher was known as the ‘Iron Lady’. Well, Theresa May has shown herself to be a ‘Lady made of Iron’. It’s not how you cope when the tide is flowing your way; it’s how you cope when it’s flowing against you. And I sense that she begins 2018 in a far better place than most would have imagined 7 months ago. To me, all those (including the journalists and commentators) who have been part of the the baying mob look rather ‘smaller’ people than they did.
We all know that Brexit will remain a defining issue. There remain many retainers. And much of our media will give massive coverage to them, or anyone, and any report supporting their desire to reverse the referendum vote to Leave, casually damaging the British interest at the same time. For example, very few had heard of Lord Adonis until he resigned from the Gov’t, citing Brexit. Suddenly he was being portrayed as some great guru, though in reality, he jumped before he was pushed, and has never had anyone actually vote for him - ever. But our Prime Minister is not for turning. She has “played a blinder”, and developed a working relationship with the EU negotiators, where the aim is to deliver the best deal for the UK and the EU - ignoring the columns of ill-informed froth. Just getting on with the job. In all of our interests.

Yesterday he entered the question over Trump's visit to the UK

 Don’t normally read the Daily Mail, though do take the Mail on Sunday, along with the Telegraph. But did buy today’s copy - to take advantage of a very generous free gift offer of an Airfix kit. Anyway, it was first time for months that I’ve read anything written by Peter Oborne, who used to write for Spectator and Telegraph. Top class columnist. Always worth a read. Headline today read - “The stench of Labour’s hysteria and hypocrisy over Trump”. Like anyone writing anything which can be read as being on Trump’s side, he has to begin by setting out his opinion of the US President, which I repeat here. “Trump is a narcissistic and absurd figure. He is a racist who retweeted videos posted by Britain First, a fascist organisation that all decent people condemn.”
But he does not, and nor do I agree with the campaign to prevent President Trump visiting the UK. The public attitude of the Mayor of London is particularly short-sighted. Anyone would think he was mid election campaign, when irresponsible attitudes are sometimes struck.  Absolutely not protecting the interests of London. And same goes for a whole lot of others who are keen to be seen as ‘virtuous’ by parading their distaste of Trump. Actually, I have little criticism of those who are not in positions of influence wanting no contact with Trump. Every right to express their opinions. Makes little difference on the international politics plain. It’s the ra
nk hypocrisy of opposition leaders that I find so utterly nauseating.

No its not  the USA is a democracy and just like a true friend is always more critical of mate  who crosses a line than those we have never liked. Those who are opposed to Trump  visit are those who actually have the interest  of the USA at heart who will be protesting against the US President when he eventually comes here.

Finding out that a friend on Facebook is a racist  is always a shock and you are in a dilemma whether to "Unfriend" him or her but its something  you may not have with someone who you don't even personally know whom turns up on your Facebook page.

 Below  2010 interview between Michael D. Higgins, before elected President of Ireland in 2011, and Boston conservative radio host Michael Graham  which went viral, when a YouTube clip of the debate attracting over half a million visitors. (Close to 200,000 of those visits were recorded in the past 48 hours, according to The Irish Times.)

Even before Trump Michael D saw where the US was going .

Ireland elected a wonderful President and the USA a racist and the latter is not welcome here.

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  1. When all is said and done the brash bully who enjoyed making people cry when he fired them when he was a businessman and who has boasted of the size of his nuclear button was afraid to make this visit. Like all bullies he folded when challenged. He's not only an ignorant bigot he's a coward too