Sunday, 18 December 2016

Tories want to devolve some Tax powers This is why,

Why are the Tories so determined to devolve some Tax powers to Wales .

They are not particularly  fond of devolution and even the latest Bill would it is claimed would see Westminster "clawing back" powers from the Assembly.,

But the Tories are determined to give us Tax varying powers so determined  n fact that they don't seem to want to put it to a referendum.

Could the reason for this enthusiasm  have anything to do with the sort of headlines that appeared in the Unionist Press.with regards the recent Scottish budget.


As I have argued before the Tories see the Tax varying powers as a Trojan Horse in which they can attack any attempt to change Taxes in Wales and present themselves as allow tax party,

They would hope that we would get the same sought of headlines as the above inaccurate as Wings over Scotland proves.

Can we expect such headlines in Wales after some Tax powers are devolved.

Well for a start the Unionist press hardly acknowledges  the Welsh Assembly and we don't see "Welsh Editions" of the London Unionist Press so it may not be so hard to attack.

There also the probability that the Welsh Government will not use these new Tax powers 

When the Scottish Parliament was created 17 years ago it was given the power to put up or cut income tax by 3p in the pound. That power has never been used.

It  is part of the current devolved settlement that Westminster cuts under the Tories ( previously aided by we must forget the Lib Dems).

That does not stop the Tory opposition in Scotland and Wales constantly calling for more spending whilst at the same time cutting the budget.

I have said that the Welsh Assembly should be prepared to veto the latest Wales Bill , unless it is amended drastically.

But although we should be wary of Tax powers we should not be afraid.

After all for those of us who seek independence , the argument include doing things differently from England and that means a much more progressive Tax system that is fair and helps us to raise the income that we desperately need , to take us from being one of the poorest parts of Europe to one that resembles our Scandinavian friends. 

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