Monday, 3 February 2014

Just how Federal are the Liberal Democrats?

There's a insight into the Liberal Democrats way of thinking  Westminster. wags the "Welsh" Parties tail  coming from Peter Black

Commentating in his Blog  on News that the Tory  Assembly group were opposed a “lockstep” model of income tax-varying powers, which would mean Welsh Ministers could not alter the three bands of income tax independently from one another.

He writes

It is a fact that all of the three main parties accomodate differences of opinion on how Welsh devolution should develop. Whilst there is unanimity in Cardiff Bay that the recommendations of the Silk Commission should be adopted in full, that is certainly not the case in Westminster.

Labour MPs, including Shadow Cabinet Members appear to be biting their lips, reassured by the fact that the draft Wales Bill does not take them too far out of their comfort zone, whilst those Liberal Democrats who have Ministerial responsibilities are tied into collective responsibility, having done everything they can to negotiate a progressive deal for Wales. Coalition is about compromise and both sides have had to accept provisions they are not entirely enthusiastic about.
So basically Peter is arguing that because of "collective responsibility"  the LibDems are excused from letting Wales down

He continues

The Tories on the other hand appear to be a completely different kettle of fish. Like the Liberal Democrats they have compromised at Westminster, but differences of view on either side of the Severn Bridge have become an excuse for open warfare. In truth their disagreements on policy have turned into a proxy argument that is allowing personality clashes to surface publicly in an on-going power struggle over who really runs the Welsh Tory Party.

Tke LibDEms like to claim they are Federal party and unlike Labour and the Tories they have a clear Welsh leader in La Pasionaria (Kirsty Williams).

But how federal are they did the LoibDems who agreed the useless proposals on Tax at Westminster contact La Pasionaria and ask her where the line in the sand was drawn?

They like to argue that La Pasionaria  like Labour's Carwyn Jones and the Tory's Andrew R.T. Davies  is the clear leader  of the LibDems in Wales .

But it seems that  she has no say when Welsh future  powers are being decided at Westminster..

Indeed is it not  about time  giving that Scotland  will be voting in an Independent Referendum this year  we get a clear statement of what the LibDems mean by an alternative to voting YES or keeping the Status Quo.

Or is Federalism  something they talk about but have no real desire or plan to implement it.

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