Monday, 24 February 2014

ICM ask me if I intend to vote for Plard Cumroo.

I was rang yesterday by an ICM  researcher  to take part in an opinion poll on a number of questions including  on my intentions of voting  in the next  UK general elections.

The questions were geared to a respondent based in Wales. So it was a bit of a hock when the nice English lady read out the Parties name and asked me who I intended to vote for

Liberal Democrat
Plard Cumroo

Yes in 2014 in a opinion poll which was as I said geared to Wales as I was asked about Welsh powers including Independence the name of one of the major political parties here was given with the pronunciation that used to make us  squirm in the 70's and 80's

How can such a poll be accurate if one of the options is so badly given.

I did correct the Lady and In my case it made me more determined to give Plaid as my intention.

 But how many who may be wavering to Plaid be put off by this.

I've emailed ICM on this and will add the reply if iget one.

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Gonzoland said...

"Played Keye Mroo" surely?