Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Another Mule attempt to fuel Ani- Welsh Sentiments?

The Mule continues with its rather clever agenda of presenting what is actually a pathetic a Non- Story to attack the Welsh Language by publishing a load of tosh on the claims by eccentric Tory MP Michael Fabricant 

During a discussion about school standards on the BBC Radio 4 programme Any Questions, Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant agreed with presenter Jonathan Dimbleby that there was “too much emphasis on the Welsh language”.
He added: “The Welsh for neutron is neutron.
“It’s difficult enough to find in England people who are good maths and physics and chemistry teachers. To ask them to be bilingual as well is a nonsense.”

The Mule then gives space to Llanelli Labour AM Keith Davies who said

“Michael Fabricant’s views were from another age and the Welsh Conservatives need to clear this up – do they agree with the Lichfield MP, and do they think Welsh-medium education is a I've bee runing  bad thing for our school children?
“The sum total of Mr Fabricant’s evidence that Welsh isn’t needed in the classroom is that the ‘Welsh for neutron is neutron’. This is just a silly attack from an MP who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
“It was clear from the remarks he made that he didn’t even know the difference between bilingual schools and Welsh–medium schools.
“He went so far as to say that it was a nonsense to expect maths and science teachers to also be fluent in Welsh – well five of my children went to Welsh-medium schools and they had no problem whatsoever being taught those subjects.
“I know plenty of teachers who would be pretty shocked at Mr Fabricant’s level of ignorance.It is up to Andrew RT Davies to either apologise for Mr Fabricant’s offencive remarks or back them up with evidence.”
Fair enough but is the Mule's intention by covering this "story" to expose the views of someone like Fabricant just trying to stoke the fire of Ani- Welsh Sentiment ?

By the  way I've been running Neutron through a Google translate.


Welsh - niwtron

Basque - neutroi
Catalan - neutró 
 Dutch - neutron
Irish - neodróin
Estonian - neutron
French - neutron 
Greek - -νετρόνιο
German - neutron
Swedish - neutrón
 Hindi -न्यूट्रॉन
Japanese- நியூட்ரான்

In fact it more or less universal and differences  appear to be mainly due to that country's alphabet. and maybe the pronunciation is roughly the same  such is the Laziness at the Mule they can't even point this out.


Efrogwr said...

Nice one, Glyn. Labour just mischief making here. While clearly being a bit mixed-up and far from the action, Fabricant actually made some very pro-Welsh statements on the programme too.

Gonzoland said...

... and the English word for entrepreneur is?

Welsh not British said...

The problem is that all Labour politicians would rather Wales was run by Tories like Fabricant than by the people of Wales.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Glyn.
Although, if that's Japanese, I'm a chocolate watch.