Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Superintendent Harry Windsor?

After the Police and Crime Commissionaire election debacle, ministers are drawing up plans for some senior police officers in England and Wales to be directly recruited from outside the service,

The home secretary told a conference of senior police officers the move would bring "greater diversity" to forces.

She said she "would hold a consultation on so-called direct entry - one of several recommendations from a major review into police pay and conditions".
Direct entry is intended to open up recruitment to senior policing posts to the wider public and business sectors, rather than promoting only officers who have completed their training and worked their way up the ranks.

The overhaul is part of a package of reforms that were drawn up by ex-rail regulator Tom Winsor in the most wide-ranging review of police pay and conditions in more than 30 years.

Under his proposals, "exceptional" applicants would have the chance to rise from civilian to inspector in just three years. Successful businessmen and women, along with members of the armed forces and the security services, should all be encouraged to apply to the fast-track scheme, Mr Winsor said.

Mr Winsor, who is now Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, previously said he wanted to end the notion of policing as an intellectually undemanding occupation. He added that the "brightest and best" applicants with skills "distinctly above those of factory workers" were needed.

What an insult to your average copper but The idea that a former Captain in the British Army  who completed his education at Eton with two A-Levels[13] (achieving a grade B in art and D in Geography) .is chilling.

Would you like to see the likes of Harry Windsor as Superintendent of your local force.

Or any other officer from the armed forces which are still class driven and still have a high number of public school senior Officers in thier ranks

And wasn't the whole idea of Police commissioners to supply comradeship beyond the Police infrastructure?

Hasn't this been done before? Weren't many of the original Chief Constables ex Army Officers including the notorious Captain Lionel Lindsay  who totally mishandled the Tonypandy Riots in1911 an ex army officer?

This looks like an attempt to fill senior Police positions with people whose loyalty is not to the force or heaven forbid the public but to politicians,

We are going down a dangerous road here which could see the police being run by people who have no idea of what the role is.

In fiction there's always a clash between the experienced street cop and his bean counting boss, who spends his time climbing the greasy pole to promotion. 

It looks like these authors may have plenty of material in the future.



Anonymous said...

"Or any other officer from the armed forces which are still class driven and still have a high number of public school senior Officers in thier ranks".

I think you mean "private school"

glynbeddau said...

No I mean Public of course they really are private schools.

Anonymous said...

call a spade a spade...