Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cameron: In out shake it all about.

David Cameron will enlist the support of the Dutch when he makes a bid to take back powers from Brussels in a long awaited speech on the EU, it has been reported.
According to The Sun the prime minister will travel to The Hague in the Netherlands on 22 January where he will promise British voters an in/out referendum in 2018 if the Conservative Party is returned to power at the next election.
The paper reports that Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte will support Cameron's call for more powers and money to be returned to individual EU.

But other countries are seeing this as a form of blackmail

Gunther Krichbaum, chairman of the Bundestag’s European Affairs Committee, said that the Prime Minister’s strategy was unwise and risked opening a Pandora’s box that would threaten European stability.
He also urged Mr Cameron not to “blackmail” the rest of Europe with threats as he tries win opt-outs from EU treaties.

It does seem that Cameron has one eye on the poll   the latest conducted  by ComRes on  European Voting Intention Figures for the People

Conservative 22%
Labour 35%
Liberal Democrat 8%
UKIP 23%
Other 12%

 This sees a significant change in voting intentions from 2009 
Party Votes Vote %  %
Seats Seats
Relative Seats
Seats %

Conservative 4,198,394 27.7% +1.0 25 −2 +1 37.7

UKIP 2,498,226 16.5% +0.3 13 +1 +1 18.8

Labour 2,381,760 15.7% −6.9 13 −6 −5 18.8

Liberal Democrat 2,080,613 13.7% −1.2 11 −1 +1 15.9

Green 1,223,303 8.1% +2.4 2 0 0 2.9

BNP 943,598 6.2% +1.3 2 +2 +2 2.9

SNP 321,007 2.1% +0.7 2 0 0 2.9

Plaid Cymru 126,702 0.8% −0.1 1 0 0 1.

Though UKip may be disapointed to not be  vying for Labour to be the largest part.

Nevertheless Cameron, who doesn't want to quit Europe may regret his posturing and he has very little support  (apart from the Dutch ) in the rest of the EU.

If he really wants to reform the EU and it does need reforming he should seek alies and not act like a Schoolboy saying "I Double Dare you " to the likes of Nigel Fargo and UKip.

He may find that the rest of Europe will get fed up of the UK negative attitude and completely isolate him.

There has been some debate over if Scotland voted Yes for Independence whether it should have to reapply for EU membership.

It may be that the EU will look more kindly on an Independent Scotland (and its oil) to the rump of England, Wales and Scotland dominated by Little Englanders who can't see further than Dover.

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