Monday, 6 February 2012

Simon Thomas "Queen-maker"

Simon Thomas has bowed to the inevitable and withdrawn from the contest for the leadership of Plaid Cymru and now hass put his backing behind Elin Jones on a joint Ticket where he will seek to become her deputy..

He had been seen to have gathered little support for his campaign in statement he said ..
"One thing is for certain, Plaid Cymru will not achieve government or electoral success by playing Fisher Price politics with people’s hopes and dreams.

“Both Elin and I offer such a vision. I believe that by combining our experience, talents and different types of appeal we can work together to give the party the kind of direction and leadership it clearly needs.

“Elin has succeeded in gaining considerable support. I congratulate her on that, and today I announce that I will withdraw my candidacy in order to support her has her deputy on a joint ticket. I ask the party now to trust the next credible generation of Plaid politicians to take us forward under Elin’s leadership."

The  "Fisher Price" line  seems to be  an unveiled attack on front runner Leanne Wood  and one can see it as  compliment  to Leanne that he at least recognises that she is gathering support.

On the face of it this will strengthen Elin Jones candidature . But I'm not so sure.

It is unlikely Thomas had a large number of votes and maybe even the small number committed to him will not transfer directly to Elin Jones though it may attract some undecided.

But will  the joint ticket of two AM both with base in Ceredigion appeal to the majority of Party Members?

The idea of a joint ticket usually involves a balance of Geography or Ideology . The idea that the leadership should be concentrated in even West Wales might make those from outside think twice.

This  might be a "Stop Leanne" movement but it may also gavanalise those who have committed to her .

Simon Thomas may be seeing himself as "Queen-maker"  but he might just have added a bit momentum to his choice  but adding even more to the one he seems to be trying to prevent.

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