Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jenny Willott Talks the Talk but.....

It is no secret that I hold the  Libdem blog  Freedom Central in contempt and refer to it as Subordinate Central or sometimes when they have really  infuriated me so much that I  error use the term to them Subordinate. "Centre" .

For the most part the contributions seem to come form Party Activist who post their hypocritical commentaries anonymously  thereby giving the impresssion that this is a Independent Blog and not an attack one of the Party.

Some time ago I reproduced a piece by the blogger Insidious and make no apologies for repeating it.

But not all the articles are by Party Hacks, a recent one is by Jenny  Willott LibDm MP for Cardiff Central.

In a Piece entitled  Getting young people earning or learning  she  says..

I welcome the announcement by Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg of £7.2 million to get young people in Wales who are not in employment, education or training (NEET), earning or learning again.
As part of Nick Clegg’s Youth Contract, the Coalition Government will, for the first time, target funding through tailored support on a payment-by-results system to 16 and 17-17-year-olds with no GCSEs at A* – C who are at the highest risk of long-term disengagement.
If this is true then its welcome (But I thought Clegg' announcement was about England

Still as Willot writes ,..
Sitting at home with nothing to do when you’re so young can knock the stuffing out of you for years. It is a tragedy for the young people involved and a ticking time bomb for the economy and our society as a whole. This problem isn’t new, but in the current economic climate we urgently need to step up efforts to ensure some of our most troubled teenagers have the skills, confidence and opportunities to succeed.

So why did Willott vote  to abolish the Education Maintainence Allownce  in England?

She "honourably"  resigned her post as parliamentary aide to Chris Huhne shortly before a vote to increase tuition fees as recommended by the Browne Review, in order to keep her pledge to constituents that she would vote against any increase in fees.

Like a number of LibDems Wilott depends from the Student population in Cardiff for her seat. But of course she doesn't depend on  the sort of people who would be on EMA who are to young or  so alienated they do not vote and it was an English Measure (The West Lothian Question Again), which did not directly affect Welsh Teenagers?

The major problem for youth unemployment is simply lack of jobs and this allows employers who would in the past take raw ineperianced staff to simply advertise for those with experience. Take a look at adverts for employment for Administration Jobs they nearly all ask either for 2 years experience or call for knowledge in a particular field.

The current government and  that of the previous  campaign of blaming lack of skills, is a smokescreen to disguise the major problem of lack of job opportunities.In particular in Manufacturing and Heavy Industries which those in the past who had not gone on to Further and Higher Education went to where the way taught "on the job". They may have not been brilliant jobs bit where full time and they earned a living.

If there are no jobs then placements either voluntary or compulsory will lead to young people having completed such a placement which they may well have enjoyed feeling rejected and exploited.And that is placements where you "May" be taught real skills in an office environment for instance .

How much training does it take to stack shelves at Tesco's?

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