Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Welcome back Ieuan you haven't missed much.

After all the criticism  over Ieuan Wyn Jones Holiday during the "Start of Term". It does seem that there wouldn't have been all that much to so except meet the Queen and ask a few questions over why the new Welsh Government (Thank God they've dropped WAG) was taking so long to do anything.

But now things have started moving and Labour through their First Minister Carwyn Jones have issued a staggering programme for the 4th Welsh Assembly,
  • A Bill to build on the Children's Rights measure 
  • A Bill to simplify 'the web of legislation' regulating social care to make access to services much easier and more understandable
  • Funding and structural reforms to drive resources to the education front line
  • Legislation to bring coherence and efficiency to higher education in Wales with a single strategic planning and funding body
  • Modernise the Auditor General in Wales and the Wales Audit Office 
  • A new independent sustainable development body for Wales
  •  Improve supply of and legislate on the amount of land to be used for allotments
  •  Legislate to make it a duty to provide cycle-routes in key areas 
  •  Heritage Protection Bill to strengthen the protection of listed buildings
  •  Organ Donation Bill to provide for an opt-out system of organ donation Consolidation of existing laws, such as planning 

Wow this has made all the hard work people put in for the referendum and  Assembly election worth while. I'm sure more cycle lanes  together with  some  vague proposals to make things a little better were foremost in peoples minds when they voted  last March and in May.
Yes a list of 10 proposals that will receive little opposition and guarantee that the Masters and Mistresses at Westminster will not raise any real objection and even Carwyn's Boss Peter Hain  can be happy that the Assembly will not be trying to seek a Welsh solution to the crisis of the next 5 years.

I argued before the referendum that "It was time to take of the stabilisers off the Bicycle"  but it seems having done so the new Welsh Government are nervous of trying to ride the bike without them.

However if this lackluster programme is all  that  is all Labour have to offer because they haven't a overall majority then perhaps they should turn to another Party for support and together put forward a Radical future for Wales through a One Wales 2.


  1. lack lustre that's being kind - its crumbs when Wales needs a banquet

  2. Pedr Heini took the wheels off the bike already mate

  3. Mam,

    I don't think we have a big enough kitchen to cook a banquet. But we should be able to raise a decent breakfast.