Friday, 17 June 2011

Mixed Night for Plaid : Bad one for all other Parties.

There was a mixed night for Plaid in the  Council two By-elections yesterday 16th June 2011.
This has been taken from the ALDC website .

On  Gwynedd Council  there was a gain from the LibDems
Gwynedd UA, Arllechwedd
PC 255 (56.0; +8.8)
LD  (20.4; -32.3)
Lab 72 (15.8; +15.8)
Con 35 (7.7; +7.7)
Majority 162
Turnout not known
PC gain from LD
Percentage change is since May 2008.

But in Conwy the Party failed to put up a candidate (Why?) and the seat went to an Independent  with only the Tories as a Party fighting the seat.
Conwy UA, Uwchaled
Ind 477 (94.1; +94.1)
Con 30 (5.9; +5.9)
[PC (0.0; -100.0)]
Majority 447
Turnout not known
Ind gain from PC
Percentage change is since May 2008.

Clearly, as always local condition apply and it would be foolish to extrapolate an all Wales l trend from such small numbers.but the the loss off what was a long term Libdem seet in the Arfon part of Gwynedd means their all ready small band there has grown smaller. It's a pity Llais Gwynedd didn't fight the seat because we can't judge the ammount of support for them, particularly as  the thorny topic of school closures have reappeared.

The poor result for the Tories in three  recent By-elections in Conwy despite the fact they hold both Parliamentary and Assembly seats probably means that AM Janet Finch-Saunders will probably not relinquish her council  seat in favour of the Assembly   and stand down when the full elections take place next next year.

 Next elections

  • Carmarthenshire county council: Byelection on 23 June in Llanegwad division after the disqualification of Independent councillor Dilwyn Williams who has not attended any council meeting in six months. 
  • Gwynedd county council: Vacancy in Glyder 21st July division after the death of Plaid Cymru councillor Dai Rees Jones
  • Torfaen county borough council: Vacancy in Snatchwood division after the death of Independent councillor Tom Gould No date set
I shall try to keep those interested informed.

Thanks to Plaid Wrecsam I have been alterted to a Btelection on  Wrexham Council Yesterday
The result was  

 Wrexham County Marchwiel

John Bell Conservative 172
John Pritchard Independent  302

In my defence this has not appeared on any other format or Blog so thanks again to Plaid Wrecsam for reporting it



  1. This message goes some way to explaing the reasons in Conwy.

  2. Thanks Anonymous
    I've copied the relevant details here.

    The winning margin in Uwchaled goes some way to explaining why we (Plaid) didn't put up a candidate. It can be the case that in these small (c.1000 electorate) wards if a candidate 'emerges' who has the support of the Community Council and most opinion formers, it can be damn difficult to find anyone to stand at all. Well done to the Tories for trying Some would argue (although this wouldn't always be my view) that in such circumstances it's best not to put up a candidate so as to avoid annoying local opinion formers.