Monday, 28 February 2011

English Rugby Board may veto Gatlands selection against Ireland.

Welsh Rugby coach Warren Gatland has called for the end to the situation where he has to send his proposed Team selection to the English Rugby Board for approval.

Under the current rules he explained I can draw up my team but must send it off to the ERU, who can make changes. They don't often do so but it takes time and they have vetoed players recently they would not let me select George North because they felt he should be playing for England. And many here feel we would  have won the Grand Slam in 2005 and 2008 if Shane Williams  had been allowed to play but they felt he was too small for International Rugby.

A fan  who give his name as glynbeddau said"Everyone in wales has views on the selection of the Welsh team and quite frankly even when the ERU have passed the Welsh Coach's  selection intact, It wasn't always the side I would have picked: But the current situation is ludicrous and its about time the manager made his own choice of the side he would like".

Not every one agrees however Rachel  from Gwent said. We are quite happy with the current situation we do not believe any Team Coach in Wales will ever be capable  of selecting any National side. Far better for it to be picked by what former England Captain called "57 old Farts".

Some went even further "Why have a Welsh side at all?"said John from UKIP . We believe there should be only a UK side and the Welsh and Scottish side should be disbanded and completely run by the ERU.

Glynbeddau added " if we were ever allowed to vote on the issue I suppose the people of Wales would clearly like the selection of the Welsh Team to be made (for good or bad)  by the current Coach . Of course if he gets it wrong we can always get a new Coach we have very little influence  amongst the "57 old Farts".

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