Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cameron the Vulture.

As North Africa and the middle East sees the collapse of dictatorships ,every one who looks back at the previous collapse of the Soviet Union, whilst welcoming the growth of democracy must be worried about the ensuing vacuum that will prevail.

 Whilst  We saw the growth of stable democratic governments in the Baltic states for instance but also saw the emergence of dictatorships in countries such as Turkmenistan who the West ignore because it acts as an ally and we must never forget the awful civil war in the former Yugoslavia (Ironically not part of the Soviet Union). And Putin control of Russia looks no different to that of the former "Communist" dictatorship.

Likewise in this region no Western Country has called for the introduction of Democracy in Saudia Arabia presumably they see a difference between a Monarchy which is Tyrannical and a republican one?

However I believe  the West were always more interested in  exporting capitalism than democracy was which  always the secondary aim and only because it provided stable governments. However there seems to have  be no lessons learned from this

In an unbelievable move, PM David Cameron was accompanied on his visit to Cairo by representatives of no less than eight British arms manufacturers. He was joined on the trip by 30 businesses, including Rolls-Royce, BAe Systems, Cobham Group, Qinetiq, Thales and Ultra Electronics, which all produce defence equipment.

Putting aside  the fact that it is partly due to British interference in these countries that led to these regimes. It is amasing that we now believe that we can influence who ever emerged to run these countries. In Iran for instance there is still more hostility towards Britiain han the U.S.A because of out interferance in the past and I suspect the same would be true of Egypt. This does not mean we should not provide advice and help to these countries in order they can set up their democratic institutions.  But whatever these countries need it is not more weapons.

Where is the criticism of the other Political parties over this appalling trip? Is the profits of British Manufactures more important that the suffering of the Arab peoples of the Middle East and and North Africa.

When a man's house is on fire you do not want to sell him a can of Paraffin.

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