Wednesday, 26 January 2011

This not a reason to vote No.

Sian Caiach an Independent member on Carmarthen Council   who previously resigned from Plaid Cymru  after a series of on going disputes  the decision to allow homes to be built on the site of Llanelli Rugby Club’s historic Stradey Park stadium has made her question whether to vote Yes in the referendum on more powers for the National Assembly.
Ms Caiach , who is one of the founding members of a new group called People First, is unhappy that Environment Minister Jane Davidson allowed Taylor Wimpey to proceed with the development on the site, which carries a risk of flooding.

Ms Caiach said: “

"The people of Stradey have just had their faith in the Assembly shattered. The government of Wales has backed down under threat of legal action from Taylor Wimpey and allowed building on a C2 flood plain in an area where the sewage system is seriously overloaded.“This begs the question, ‘Why should we vote for more powers for the Assembly Government when they abuse the ones they have?’
A cynic would argue that this was more about promoting her new People First  grouping  and I am am fed up with those who think that putting "People" in their name gives them some sort of superior position. From Blaneau Gwent  Peoples voice to Torfaen Peoples Voice and Llais Gwynedd we have had these groups which on reflection has shown to be largely the manifestation of peoples egos and this is reflected in the fact that they have no really strategy except to claim that they are different from Political Parties and that they represent the views of the "People" who ever they are perhaps a Welsh version of Flan O'Briens  "Plain people of Ireland"?  But in reality they end up with  no real strategy except for the use of populist  politics  and opposing plans like closing local Schools. They seem to encompass the whole right-left spectrum but the main thrust seems to be to claim to represent the ordinary voter  but of course like all politicians they only  represent one section of the community. By all means oppose the cozy world of mainstream politics but don't claim you speak for all.

However Ms Caiach is probably right to oppose the Stradey plans but is this really a reason to vote no.Can she really say if this came under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of State for Wales the response would be any different?

The fact is the Assembly may the wrong decision  in this case aand will make wrong decisions if it achieves it new powers after the referendum. If you think that voting yes on March 3rd will result in some kind of Utopian government think again.
 Whether  an Assembly Parliament or Independent government will result in decisions being made that you will think that are wrong bit they will be our decisions and our responsibility. That is being grown up we cannot go on blaiming Westminster for our troubles and at the same time refuse to take responsibility for our own affairs. Those Labour members of True Wales who look at Con-Lib proposals for Education and the Health service in England might well reflect on this.

As the late Gwyn Alf once said
"We have been around for 2000 years its time we were given the Key of the Door".


  1. Agreed. This is an issue that should be debated at the Assembly elections in May, and has nothing to do with the referendum on better legislative powers for Wales. If Sian Caiach is unhappy with Labour or Plaid Cymru's policies then she should vote or campaign for a party that will do better!

  2. Or as I understand she intends to do stand for the Assembly in May. But as I've commented I do not like people adopting titles such as he "People First" as clearly she and her colleagues do not represent all of hr "People".