Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cilau Aeron By-election

There was a Byelection   on Ceredigion county council:on  yesterday in Ciliau Aeron division after the disqualification of Plaid Cymru councillor Moelfryn Maskell, who was found by the Adjudication Panel of Wales to have misused his position the result was.on Tuesday 30 November 2010 12:00
PC 365 (55.7; -11.3)
LD 247 (37.7; +19.1)
Con 43 (6.6; +6.6)
[Ind (0.0; -14.4)
Majority 118
Turnout 44%

This was a potential loss for Plaid as the previous councilor was as I wrote above disqualified but although there was a swing to the Lib- Dems it was not nearly enough . Perhaps it says more about attitudes to the Lib-Dems than Plaid. and I cant see Lib-Dem bloggers making much of a play with this.

Would a Independent have made a difference?

It is also interesting that the Tories  have had another por showing in a council by-election where they have rarely put forward a candidate. They don't seem to be benfiting dfrom being in government either.


  1. I suspect an independent may well have garnered a higher vote than the LibDem. Mind you, if the Tory hadn't stood either, this could well have been a Plaid loss.

    Still, this doesn't change the balance of power in Aberaeron.

  2. The candidates Plaid beat in the ward in 2008 (one Lib Dem, the other Veritas) were both very poor candidates with hardly any local support. This recent by-election was much more of a genuine contest so well done to John Lumley for winning for Plaid.