Wednesday, 29 April 2020

PPE: "Welsh" Tories seem to not see we are being shafted by Westminster.

Are the "Welsh" Conservatives  prepared to criticise the Westminster Government for shafting Wales when it come to supplying PPE equipment.
BBC Cymru/Wales reports 
Opposition parties say hundreds of ventilators meant to have been made available to the Welsh NHS by the UK government have not yet arrived.
On 6 April, Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething, said 1,035 had been bought through UK arrangements.
But, in a written answer to the Conservatives, he said only 171 had been distributed, with 60 in reserve.

  • Speaking at a news briefing on Tuesday, Mr Gething said "we have enough and we're going to have enough"

Suzy Davies, Conservative Mid and West Wales AM, said: "I have to ask where are our missing 700 ventilators?
Yes where are they Suzy perhaps you should also ask your London bosses and why is your former boss Andrew RT Davies , semmingly not tweetinfg on this?
"It is lucky for the Welsh Government that these ventilators have so far not been needed, but it could have been a completely different story."
Ms Davies said it was "shocking" that "vital equipment seems to have been forgotten by the Welsh Government and that according to the Welsh Government health minister they do not keep track of the timings or allocation of the ventilators they are expecting to receive".
"It beggar's belief and smacks again of incompetence that this has been allowed to happen," she said.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price said Wales had again been "short changed" by "Westminster's broken promises and the Welsh Government's repeated failure to demand better for Wales".
"We cannot discount the very real possibility of a second spike and Wales needs every piece of life saving equipment promised to us in order to be fully prepared," he said.
"The UK and Welsh Governments must explain the gulf between promise and delivery without delay".
In response, Mr Gething said the ventilator numbers were not up to date but emphasised the NHS in Wales had sufficient capacity for current demands and more machines were on the way, in tranches.
He said: "More are coming into the system each week, so if the point is, do we have enough?
"The answer is yes. If the point is, are we going to get the full thousand? The answer is yes."

Clearly the Welsh Government needs to answer for its own failings  

As Nation Cymru reported 

As  UK Government failed to buy crucial protective equipment to cope with a pandemic.There were no gowns, visors, swabs or body bags in the government’s pandemic stockpile when Covid-19 reached the UK.
NHS staff say they are being put at risk because of the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said that the Welsh Government should now reveal how much PPE they had in their pandemic stockpile prior the Coronavirus crisis and whether they were prepared or not.
“The negligence of the Westminster government has been laid bare for all to see,” he said.
“They failed to prepare properly for an inevitable pandemic and this failure has put the lives of front line health and care workers needlessly at risk.
“Morriston hospital in Swansea was included in the BBC’s Panorama investigation as one of the hospitals who suffered due to a lack of PPE. In light of these revelations, the Welsh Government must urgently tell us how much PPE they had in their pandemic stockpile prior to the Coronavirus crisis. Were they at all prepared for the pandemic?
“And do they have enough PPE now to meet the demand and to protect our health and care staff?”
The investigation by BBC Panorama found that vital items were left out of the UK Government’s stockpile when it was set up in 2009 and that the government subsequently ignored a warning from its own advisers to buy missing equipment.
UK Government minister Victoria Atkins told BBC Breakfast she was “very, very sorry to hear” of the Panorama report.
“Like every other country in the world, [the virus] is unprecedented and the requirements for PPE have risen exponentially and we are doing our absolute best to address those needs and will continue to do so throughout this crisis,” she said.

Failed by own goverment  in Wales shafted by Westminster it is vital that we should ignore accusations of playing politics when exposing this.

But hypocrisy from the Tories in Wales and Scotland , when it comes to critcising  the devolved legislatures , and Labour criticising Nicola Sturgeons government in Scotland , when it has been leading these Islands in the response to the pandemic is not welcome when  Mark Drakeford the Welsh First Minister  seems intent on following the failing lead of Westminster  that seems determined to short change us in the supply of PPE, whilst being slow to arrange our own sources .

The constant response  from the media , that seems to resemble Word War 2 propaganda , and the expectation that we should get behind "Boris" is frighting.

This will be rapped up next week with the VE celebrations and attempt to link it to the current crisis.

We need more exposures and a swift investigation into the response from all our legislatures to the crisis  when it is over and not self congratulatory, back slapping  , from those who have failed us.

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