Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Turkey Dictatorship means Dictatorship. Get over it

BBC and Other UK Media

Scottish Referendum Result Yes 44.70 No 55.30 

Overwhelming  Victory for No. Issue settled for a Generation

Brexit Vote Leave 51.89 Remain 48.11 

Decisive Victory for Leave Brexit means Brexit

Turkish Referendum Yes 51.41 No 48.59

Narrow Victory Turkey divided

Despite saying that the voting day was "well administered", the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the Council of Europe criticised the referendum campaign, saying:
  • It was an "unlevel playing field" and the two sides of the campaign "did not have equal opportunities"
  • It was unbalanced due to the active involvement of the president and several senior officials
  • It was tarnished by a number of officials equating No supporters with terrorist sympathisers
  • State resources were misused
  • Under the state of emergency, essential fundamental freedoms were curtailed
  • Despite some measures, the legal framework remained inadequate for a genuinely democratic referendum

Of course in the Scottish Referendum  was a level playing field with an unbiased media given both sides of the question   fairly .

It seems the difference between "a narrow Victory and a Decisive vote is 0.47%. when referring to Brexit, and Turkey 

Does "Dictatorship mean Dictatorship " do those in Turkey  who value democratic freedoms now have to "Get over it".

 Progressive forces   have been dealt another blow especially after Trump who actually had fewer votes than Clinton  won by 46.4% to her 48.5  but he won more getting more electoral college votes.

Only in Scotland where the reaction of the looser was to rally and see a huge surge of membership of the pro independence party and a SNP  landslide in Scotland in the UK General Election  and the prospect of reversing the vote in another referendum.

There will be no prospect for the Kurds in Turkey who will face a quasi fascist  President  and who may be violently suppressed as  Erdogan manufactures reasons to ban thier political parties and try to eradicate thier national idnity.

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