Thursday, 30 September 2010

What you don't read on Freedom Central.

As everyone knows those at Subordinate Centre that “Independent “ Lib Dem blog are fond of scanning the news and then cutting and pasting the copy (which admittedly we all do to some extent). And then making some pithy comment as how they would do things differently.

Usually this involves attacking Plaid and /or Labour whilst the Tories are often ignored especially as they are now their coalition partners.

Recently they have had a lot of fun with Kirsty Williams’ (La Pasionaria) attack on Edwina Hart over the NHS and National Left must tip his hat to this.

But what you won’t read is comment on the latest  of Private Eyes exposure of La Pasionaria’s  (highlighted by Anti-Metrix here). wooing by Metrix the consortium lined up to for the £14bn defence training privatisation contract for St Athan

Taking up the message "let's enjoy power", La Passionaria’s sponsored a dinner for Metrix to introduce them to key LibDems. Danny Alexander and Nick Harvey were on the initial invitation list, just the Ministers who are to take a decision on the £14 billion project. Eventually the list leaked out, none of the people in government were allowed to attend.

But La Passionaria carried her support to the conference floor in her speech.

"I will always speak up for Wales and I will always speak up for my beliefs and my values. Now, he may be a saint, but when Vince Cable, before the election, decided to commit our party to cutting the proposed military college at St Athan in South Wales, he soon learnt of my determination to fight for the best deal for Wales and the best defence for the UK .

For that project has been identified by the MoD’s strategic defence review as critical to our military capability. And when we know that money is tight, we Liberal Democrats understand that it is the cancellation of Trident that will make projects like St Athan possible. That is an argument that I know we are winning in the country and it is one we must win in Government. "

The latest issue of Private Eye points out that the project  has not been identified by the MOD as critical and  concludes La Pasionaria was talking out of her rear end.

Chris Bryant Labour for the Rhondda has been accused of sponsoring a similar diner at the labour party conference . has anyone any doubt that Subordinate Centre would have reported this with glee if their own leader had not already been similarly compromised?


  1. I wonder whether Bell Pottinger, Metrix's PR firm, have also donated money to Kirsty Williams, as they have to Chris Bryant...

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